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About Us

Apis - ipê has been working for 20 years on the production, processing and trading of beekeeping products, in special propolis and honey.

We have our own production in apiaries located in the mid-west region of minas gerais, as well as an extensive network of suppliers and beekeeper partners. Therefore, we provide to the internal and external markets tons of apicultural raw materials annually.

We are a company registered by sif, under registration number 3875, thus proving a strict supervision and quality assurance process.

For one year, we have been producing a line of products for the final consumer who seeks products of excellent quality.

Our Name

The name apis-ipê is directly connected to the cerrado region of minas gerais. We are located in formiga, in the mid-west of minas gerais, which is a privileged region for the production of green propolis and quality honey, due to its great botanical diversity.

In the cerrado, the golden trumpet tree stands out strong and majestic during the drought, and so we chose to bring that image of resilience and beauty to the name of our business.

Our Vision

Provide the customer with a quality product that values the rich sources in natural products in our region.

With an end - to - end view of the production supply chain ​​we can guarantee quality from obtaining raw materials to the final bottle, as well as constancy of supply and the same quality in each lot of products.

Production apis - ipê

With a modern factory, equipped with automated production lines, apis - ipê has the capacity to meet any demand and deliver a standard and quality product. Through a very capable team, and a staff of different areas of work, such as pharmaceuticals and biologists, we guarantee strict quality control, not only in the 30 plus tons of propolis that we process annualy but also in the products we produce from this rich raw material which are the green propolis and the honey of cerrado mineiro.

Company registered by sif.

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