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Green Propolis Extract 30

Um produto único no mercado, o Extrato de Própolis Verde 30 é perfeito para o consumidor cotidiano de própolis. Caixa unitária com 1 frasco de 30 ml. Caixa coletiva com 25 unidades/cada. Caixa de distribuição com 8 caixas de 25 unidades/cada.

The green propolis extract 30, with 15% minimum dry extract concentration, has a higer concentration than those required by the brazilian legislation (minimum 11% dry extract concentration) and is suitable for the daily consumer of propolis.

Prepared exclusively with green propolis, it is a unique product on the market, free of non-consumable wax present in propolis, due to a filtering process in different filters, after its maceration.

In this concentration there are a variety of flavonoids and phenolic acids, with emphasis on artepelin c.

All in one for those who are looking for a daily boost of immunity.


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