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Bee Products Trade - Propolis and Honey


Trade in bee products, especially propolis and honey

Ginger, Honey And Green Propolis Candies

Bala de Gengible

Tasty ginger candies with propolis to always have close by.

Spray: Honey Compound With Propolis And Ginger Extracts

Composto Mel Extrato Própolis

Keeps breath fresh and helps to reduce coughing and throat inflammation.

Green Propolis Extract 30

Extrato de Própolis Verde 30

For the daily strengthening of immunity.

Spray Honey Compound With Propolis Extract

Composto Mel Extrato Própolis Gengibre

Great for sore throat relief.

Production Of Bee Products

We are located in the center region of Minas Gerais. The genuine state from where the green propolis is originated. We have our own production of the raw materials and also a well established network of beekeepers from whom we buy their production. Apis-Ipê is a company regulated and inspectionated by the Ministry of Agriculture by its SIF ( Federal Inspection Service) to which we are obliged to prove high criteria on our factory and Good Manufacturing Practices.

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